5 November 2008

A guide to booing

Top 10 reasons the crowd might be booing at the game you were at (I'm sure there are many more - additions are welcome...):
  1. One of your highly-paid D-men has compounded his work on your team's anaemic PP by coughing up the puck twice leading to SHGs for your local rivals
  2. This man is on the puck:
  3. Or this man is on the puck:
  4. The PA announcer mentions something including the words "NHL Commissioner" - even if followed by the words "will present the Stanley Cup"
  5. You are in Pittsburgh and a player who won 2 Cups, 5 scoring titles and an MVP while in the city dares to return with another team
  6. Your team is hosting a political publicity st... er, I mean a "No. 1 Hockey Mom" promotion:

  7. A fan wearing the road team's jersey is shown on the video screen during a TV timeout
  8. A fan misses the net during the puck shooting contest in the period break
  9. It's not actually booing, but your team has one or more players with a (nick)name that sounds like booing. For example, the Rangers team of 2007/08 was stacked in this area:
    Fedor Tyutin ("TOOOOOTS!")
    Chris Drury ("DROOOOOO!")
    Petr Prucha ("PROOOOCH!")
    Brandon Dubinsky ("DOOOOBIE!")
    Fredrik Sjostrom ("SHOOOOO!")
    Marek Malik ("BOOOOOO!")
    Any PP unit ("SHOOOOT!")
  10. Fans in Minnesota are showing appreciation for another strong game by their #8:

    "I was saying Boo-urns"

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