3 June 2009

Poetry slam? Try next door...

Neither my original idea nor exciting, fresh new content, but in order to:
  1. Give the misleading impression that I'll regularly update this thing;
  2. Give the even more misleading impression that I can write three things in a row without any numbers being involved;
I decided to root out my mixed bag of hockey-based haikus (probably not the plural of haiku, but let's run with it...) from a Connect posting a few months ago. [Originally the brainchild of ddyte.]

Next week: Origami with Chris Pronger


Only one small thing
Desecrates Gretzky’s legend:
Well done, Nickelback

Donald S. Cherry
The acceptable face of

If Mike Milbury
Had been hit with his own shoe
Would the Isles still stink?

Hull’s foot in the crease
Campbell’s puck over the glass
Scott Norwood wide right

Manny Legace
Tripped up by Palin’s carpet
Funny legacy

One – crosscheck in face
Two – maniac goalie fight
Sons of Patrick Roy

That sport Sidney Crosby plays!
Tonight on Versus!

Why use six letters
When you can use three extras?
Right, Dustin Buflin?

Polar ice-caps melt
Continental drift occurs
Mats Sundin decides

So if a tree falls
In the Prudential Center
Does it make a sound?

Stop, Mr Johnson!
Step away from the golf cart!
(Once it’s stopped moving)

If blue ain’t the paint
Not much use is the caboose
Of Mr Holmstrom

Goles son raros
Dinero abundante
Se llama Gómez

Evgeni Malkin
Alexander Ovechkin
Russians with a grudge

Old backup goalie?
Call now for top exec role!

What is it connects
Valabik’s thing, McLean’s face?
Sid’s fists of fury

Joe Beninati:
“And Semin plays the bongos”
Still cracks me up now

Rangers’ powerplay:
Pass. Pass. Pass. Shoot wide. Pass. Pass.
Shorthanded goal. S**t.

Where would Philly be
If the refs didn’t hate them?
Still in the same place

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  1. that was lovely. and funny, too, of course. and the next poetry reading is...?