20 February 2010

Olympian NHL Shootout Records

Having seen a breakdown of the NHL shootout records of Team Canada's skaters HERE - following the startling revelation that a coaching staff actually thought looking at career shootout records might be a good idea - I figured it would be worth a look at how the other countries' players have fared.

The usual fascinating tables follow, showing both overall records in NHL shootouts and records in "clutch attempts", defined as those attempts that either clinch a win or keep a shootout going.

Obviously, this isn't a definitive list of which players might be the most dangerous in an Olympic shootout - apparently some players not heavily featured here (or at all) might have taken shootout attempts in some distant land called "Europe" on occasion. And Russia's coach clearly has a different set of statistics to everybody else.

Similar figures for the Olympic goalies with NHL shootout experience may follow at some point...

Stats courtesy of nhl.com and nhlshootouts.com

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