14 March 2010

The Ranger Movie Series

Apparently it was the Oscars last week. I didn't watch - as a Rangers fan, I spend most of the year seeing someone spend a ridiculous amount of money on a load of people in blue only to end up losing, so there was no need to get another fix of that. (Edmonton fans - insert "Hurt Locker" gag here...)

Anyway, as a tribute to (in no particular order), the Rangers, a string of cinematic epics that I've never seen and my penchant for bad puns and pretty ropey Photoshops, I present the New York Ranger Movie Series: in association with Subway $5 Footlongs.

Brian's dilemma: Should he pay Vinny $1.1m to play around with somebody else?

"Because Chris Drury is Chris Drury. Two thumbs up" - Roger Ebert

Adapted from the popular comic book series "2014 No D"

Ales escapes an abusive relationship with John by travelling across
North America in order to seek a better life

Now playing on Broadway after initially coming to prominence at Arizona Film Festival

A violent hit-man's struggles to gain acceptance in New York "family"

Two men investigate the disappearance of a 20-goal scorer
at a hospital for criminally insane GMs

Tales of ineffectual relationships, wasteful spending and
a fight against the ravages of time, (once) set in Manhattan

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