10 June 2010

For crying out loud

The hockey world is today still reeling from last night's shocking and unprecedented event. Yes, the moment when millions of TV viewers across the US (OK, a few hundred thousand in Chicago and Philadelphia) witnessed Jeremy Roenick being lost for words.

Of course, as retired NHL cyborg Mark Messier would attest, crying simply is not tolerated in and around hockey. So what really caused JR's momentary eye-dampness?
  • Standing in close proximity to Mike Milbury for two months thirty seconds will do that to even the strongest of men
  • The sudden realisation that 95% of NHL news for the next four months will feature the thrilling words: "Phoenix Coyotes ownership saga"
  • "That bitch Chrissy Pronger was wearing the SAME outfit as me! And she knew it!"
  • The vapours from Scott Hartnell's post-game hairball fumigation had just wafted into the NBC set
  • The waning but beautiful memory of Dan Carcillo's graceful, languid skating and dextrous stickhandling in Game Three just wouldn't stop lingering in his mind
  • Hiding those pucks from Ben Eager exactly where Pronger told him to was starting to cause some physical discomfort


  1. It was totally a tears of laughter thing, Didn't you see? JR was looking around for his co-announcers as Buck Twenty skated with the Cup, the camera followed his gaze, only to pan over to Milbury on his knees desperately trying to yank his Chief Big Wind tie out of Eddie Olyczk's zipper.

    I, for one, was not surprised by that turn of events. I mean who else was he going to sump pump with Sid out in the second round- Pierre?

  2. Ah yes, leave it to bigmouth JR to steal the spotlight from the 'Hawks after ending their 49 year Cup drought. He bad-mouths Chicago all playoffs long and then gets all misty when Toews and Co. win it all, wishing he was that guy hoisting the chalice....get a grip. He's more of a flip-flopper than John Kerry, for chrissakes. What a tool.

    BTW, did you notice the look JR shot at Milbury when Mad Mike was "consoling"/egging on JR? He looked ready to drop the gloves right there....now that would've been Must See TV on NBC.

  3. Good thing JR was in flip-flops then. Don't want to be wearing a strong shoe when Milbury's around and in fightin' mood.