1 July 2010

Boo Hard

You know you can rely on Glen Sather on 1 July when almost three hours in, you are thinking to yourself:

"Wait, we're almost three hours in and he hasn't done anything insanely and criminally asinine like signing Derek Boogaard to a bigger, longer contract than Jody Shelley just crowbarred out of the Flyers yet. I'm nervous."

...and only have to wait a matter of minutes for the cigar-chomping genius to flourish an almost uniquely ridiculous deal on a zero-dimensional tough guy who "earns" five minutes of ice-time per game.

But having had time to consider the details of the signing, against all odds and conventional thought, there are in fact several worse ways the $6.6m could have been used:

  • Set up a construction company in partnership with Chris Neil
  • Buy Nassau Coliseum...twice
  • Buy two platinum seat tickets at Air Canada Centre for that key Maple Leafs - Thrashers game on a Tuesday night in November
  • Use it to pay off Sather's contract and immediately hire Darryl Sutter as his replacement
  • Increase the annual Versus budget for its NHL coverage by a factor of 6,600
  • Sign Wade Redden to a four-year, $6.6m contract extension


  1. This is exactly how I felt when Burke gave Colton Orr $1 million annually for his "services" thru 2012-13, as well as the equally baffling deal in which the Leafs give busted-wheel/formerly-Crosby's-shadow Colby Armstrong $9 mill over 3 years.

    Gotta love GM's with absolutely no sense whatsoever when it comes to financial responsibility

  2. At least Burke has a strategy of overpaying for gritty and/or truculent and/or crappy (or Kessel) forwards . Sather just gets bored after making perfectly reasonable and/or no deals for a couple of hours, so decides to do something ridiculous for the hell of it.