9 July 2012

The Pain Game - 4-year analysis (2008/09 - 2011/12)

Another brief data dump of figures aggregated over the last four NHL regular seasons, surprisingly enough updated to include 2011/12.

Analyses of individual seasons (including explanations of the figures and their limitations) plus my equivalent aggregate analysis (aggreganalysis?) are at the following links:

Firstly, an updated ranking of teams by aggregate CHIP over the last four seasons (playoff teams highlighted; click to enlarge image):

Still no obvious correlation between playoff qualification and the degree and quantity of injuries/illnesses suffered.  The Islanders, Oilers and Wild (all long-term playoff absentees) sat in the top three positions for the table covering 2008/09 to 2010/11, but have all slipped down slightly since, mostly due to Messrs Markov and Crosby, plus the Flyers' rotating cast of retired-but-not-really-retired veterans.

The same figures grouped by division:

A bit over-simplistic, but still fairly interesting that the supposedly travel-weary Pacific has suffered both the fewest man-games lost and the lowest CHIP in each of the last four seasons (OK, two man-games away in 2008/09 from doing so), while the Atlantic has routinely been hit the hardest.  Maybe 95% due to Rick DiPietro, but interesting anyway...

The largest ten and smallest ten CHIP figures by a team in a single season over the last four:

No changes at all in the bottom 10.  The Canadiens in the year just gone comfortably surpassed the Blues' previous high watermark, although worth noting that their CHIP number was still a lower proportion of the overall cap compared to the Blues' number from three years before.

The largest ten CHIP figures accumulated by a player in a single season over the last four:

None too surprisingly, Crosby and Markov each make their second appearance here, joined by Kristian Huselius who had the good fortune to only have to play in two games for the Blue Jackets in 2011/12.


  1. LW3H, cool stuff. Where did you get the data for this?

    Also, how did you decide between healthy scratch versus a game missed due to injury? That might be answered by your answer to the first question, I guess.

    And this includes both games on the IR and games where the player was scratched because of an injury?

  2. Info is all taken from the player profile pages on tsn.ca.

    Healthy scratches don't count (or at least shouldn't - depends how accurately the absence has been explained). All injury absences count, whether on IR or not.