23 January 2010

The NHL Dictionary - fresh new content!

So, here's another ultimately pointless update of declining quality to my existing collection (found HERE).

The concept (for newcomers and the forgetful) - take any word or phrase from the dictionary, add/subtract/change one letter, supply new definition. Et voilà, as José Theodore would say (four or five times a game).

- wild duck, as in manoeuvre performed by goalies in Florida to avoid stick-swinging team-mates

Carcilogen - dangerous substance or agent that tends to cause invasive and destructive disease

Carnivoros - characterised by destructive or predatory behaviour, exhibited by players having the fortune to face the Rangers' #34 in a fight

Demonsterate - to present by experiments, examples or practical application that a terrible defense does not help the statistics of Swedish rookie goalies

Inaugeration - formal induction of a player in the official bad books of all NHL officials

Make It Steven - media campaign instigated by Jim Balsillie, designed to promote the repatriation of Mr Stamkos to southern Ontario from the hands of evil sun-belt franchise

Payn threshold - the upper limit of John Davidson's tolerance for Andy Murray's coaching

Reddline - to discriminate against by refusing to make significant financial commitment to, as practiced by 29 NHL GMs

Redd line - stationary marker on a hockey rink, not featuring in the offensive and defensive zones

War broom - implement used by NHL Hockey Operations department to sweep controversy under the carpet

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