20 February 2010

Olympian NHL Shootout Records: Part II

After looking at the NHL shootout records of forwards and defenseman (HERE) featuring in the Olympics, now for the goalies.

Again, the tables show both overall records in NHL shootouts and records in facing "clutch attempts", defined as those attempts that either clinch a win or keep a shootout going.

Obviously, pretty small sample sizes all round, so nowhere near being anything that could be predictive to any useful degree (Will Russia yank Nabokov before a shootout to put Varlamov in? No. Oh, wait this is Russia we're talking about...) However, mildly interesting to note that Finland's dangerous shooters aren't matched by the records of their top two goalies (perhaps completely counter to the strengths and weaknesses of the team in regular play). The reverse is the case to some extent for Sweden.

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