22 August 2010

The NHL Dictionary - fresh new content!

In the usual August absence of anything of consequence going on in the NHL, instead of biting commentary on the potential long-term impact of the R&D camp or the devastating aftermath to the Blue Jackets signing of Ben Guite, I can only offer another weak update to my existing collection of hockey lexicography (found HERE).

The concept again - take any word or phrase from the dictionary, add/subtract/change one letter, supply new definition. So, much the same as the process as that the Devils will be using to turn an invalid contract into a valid one anytime soon.

Boogey - to sign for something higher than it was supposed to take, typically achieved while on golf course

Kab fare - the cost of being taken for a ride by a driver who provides endless running commentary, promising to take you away from your current location but ending up going round in circles

Kessellation - identical pieces fitting together exactly, e.g. the 2nd overall pick in 2010 fitting together with the 2nd overall pick in 2011 in a future line-up

Kovenant - a formal agreement of only temporary legal validity

Maximeize - to increase to the greatest possible amount or degree Penguins' fans blind, devoted enmity towards an opposing player

Salei of the Century - game show featuring Ken Holland's ongoing attempts to construct a defense pairing with a combined age under 100

Ysermon - exhortation on seemingly trivial issue, such as minor league trade or signing of free agent fourth-line grinder, delivered by higher power and re-told by enraptured Canadian media

1 comment:

  1. I got a Buck twenty in Kabfare, says Wings still make a helluva run at burying Kaner this year, even if we can't find another Chelios to hit the Salei of the Century.

    The good news is Kronner is probably out again this year, and we ignored Defense.
    its like god is testing my faith..IHWT, IHWT...